• Priyanka Betala

How Important will digital marketing be in 2021?

Updated: Jan 19

It doesn’t matter what products or services you offer, digital marketing is taking over. Initially it was just a Facebook page or a website which companies preferred, but now as digital scale goes up everyone are trying to promote products and services online and interact with their consumers in order to build a relationship and know their requirements. It has now become easy to know your customer/consumer by the means of digital media. By now, every successful business uses digital marketing and have an online presence. Trends that helps you boost your digital business is good context with good content which is more interactive.

Digital Marketing is growing at a rate of 25-30% in India annually. And if statistics are to be believed, India has reached 500 million users of the internet by the end of 2018. India also has the World’s largest Facebook population. The high-speed digitization, online portals, social media channels, etc. lead to a growth of digital marketing in a trend par imagination.

As during the pandemic all the marketers made consumers retention their priority, it will continue for years coming along. It creates new opportunities for marketers to reach their new audience and re-engage with their old and long time customers. Rapid switch from traditional marketing to digital marketing has made the marketers realize digital marketing is productive and also cost-effective. It majorly attracts the young generation which forms the huge part of population in consumer/customer base.

As we all enter 2021, all the business have faced a loss due to the pandemic and are looking for cost effective technique to market their products and digital marketing is the best way to market and promote. In 2021, it can help businesses by keeping track of the new features which are being added by social media platforms, generating ideas to attract customers and boosting or promoting posts in a way to appeal to the target audience.

Digital marketing strategies will be front and major part of sales plan in 2021. It will help business to build brand identity. Also companies will benefit from this as digital marketing attracts large team of audience by the means of their content, context, e-mail marketing and social media marketing. Hence digital marketing will play an important role as it covers up all these in just one campaign.

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